About My Mandalas

A mandala is a form of sacred meditative art based on geometric shapes and symbols. The purpose of the mandala is to lead the viewer into a non-verbal understanding of universal truth.

Mandalas are usually made of concentric circles, triangles and squares, with a clear central point of focus.  Most mandala traditions rely on symmetry and repetition of forms to create harmony and movement in the pattern.  Mandalas are made all over the world, by Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and Native American artists, among others.

Whatever their origin, mandalas may be explored or created any time, by anyone seeking to quiet the mind and open the heart to divine peace.  

My mandalas are based on images and symbols of prehistoric art from around the world. As long as there have been people there has been sacred symbolism. I believe these ancient symbols still speak to our human experience, helping us to reconnect with the story of our lives on this planet.

Each mandala is hand-drawn, not computer generated. It takes anywhere from several days to a week to complete a design, in part because the process itself is meditative and intuitive. I am inspired by high-contrast petroglyphs and rock art drawn by ancient Native American cultures of the American Southwest, so I often work in black and white and earth tones.

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