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These little soft stone sculptures were made in Malta by Potterware craftsmen and women.  I am no longer able to import them, so these are the last of these reproductions that I will have to sell.

Double Goddess of Malta

Two female figures of ancient Malta, one holding a child.  2" tall.

Half-Goddess of Malta

Half-figure, Tarxien temple, 2" tall

Malta Temple Candle Holder


Symbols and images from the temples of ancient Malta. Made by Potterware.  1.5" tall.


Seated Goddess of Malta

Maltese seated figure from Hagar Qim, 1.5"  tall

Sleeping Goddess of Malta

This serene sleeper was found in an underground temple in Malta.  2" tall.

Standing Figure from Malta

Standing figure of ancient Malta, made by craftsmen of Potterware.  2.5" tall.