Sizes, Prices, and Special Orders

For many years I kept shirt prices the same regardless of size, and absorbed extra manufacturer charges for super sized shirts (over XL).  The charges have gotten high enough that I can’t do that any more.  I will always try to have shirts in inventory that run up to 3X, and you’ll notice the size charge will be included in the price you see when you select the size.

Ancestral Visions is a small operation, and I have to order shirts printed in minimums of dozens. I go to art fairs and festivals with shirts for sale in my booth.  I run out of very small and very large sizes quickly on every order.  When that happens that size will disappear from the size options on the storefront.

This doesn’t mean I don’t value your order if you want a small or super sized shirt.  It does mean you’ll have to wait until I have another run of shirts made in that design.  

As of today—June 1, 2014—and through the rest of the year, the size charge is $1.50 for 2 XL, $2.10 for 3XL and $2.80 for 4XL.  For larger sizes, add about 70 cents per size.   

 You may contact me ( to special order a shirt in small, youth sizes, or sizes over 3X and I will include it the next time that design is run.

Again:  you may have to wait for some weeks for your shirt.  And some color substitutions may have to be made.  But your order is important to me and I will be sure to have a shirt made in the size you want.

Thanks for your patience and your support!