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These figures are my own designs, based as closely as possible on the forms of the originals.  They are made of durable resin with inclusions of stone and other materials.

Bird Goddess of Senorbi

This beautiful Sardinian statue combines bird and female symbols. 5 mill. BCE. 

Chrysalis Goddess

This figure was made in Sardinia about 3500 BCE.  She may represent death and the coming rebirth of a butterfly. 


Galgenberg Dancer

This little dancing figure is older than the Venus of Willendorf!

Gold Double Goddess

This "double goddess" was found in Turkey the grave of an old woman who may have been a shaman.

Kiltinan sheela-na-Gig

The name in Irish means "old woman possessed by a god" and represents a "hag" or powerful ancestor woman.

Lunar Mother of Laussel

One of the most ancient representations of pregnant woman, holding a lunar calendar.

Mermaid of the Picts

A beautiful two-tailed mermaid made by the seafaring Picts in Scotland.  

Moon-Seed Maiden

A little figure from an early culture in Italy,  she wears the crescent moon at her throat.

Singing Priestess

Singing or chanting, this ancient priestess may be in a shaman's trance.

Sun Goddess Arinna

An ancient goddess/queen with the sun on her throne.