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To celebrate life's doorways I have created "Doorframe Guardians," small handmade figures for wall or door. Touching them as we go out into the world can remind us of our place in the cosmic dance. 4 " tall, polymer clay and hardwood, signed and numbered.


Lunar Goddess

Lunar Mother of Laussel, France, 22,000 BCE.  

Nile Bird Goddess

Bird Goddess of North Africa, 4500 BCE.  

Willendorf Goddess

Willendorf Goddess, Austria, 25,000 BCE.  

Winged Victory

Original design for breast cancer survivors & those who love them.  


Each guardian is handmade, signed, numbered, and mounted on a hardwood backing.  Also, each one has a small "pocket" in which you may place a written prayer, affirmation, flowers or feathers.